• About Us

    Back in June 2017, a small group of keen Abarth enthusiasts decided to start a dedicated club for Abarth owners within the North East of England. Since this period, the club has gone from strength to strength in growth becoming one of the best supported Abarth Club’s within the country and across the world.


    We went from starting like most clubs do by arranging its first meet at a central point within the heart of the area. Flash forward to present time and we have just embarked on our long journey from travelling from our home all the way to Milan in Italy to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Abarth at the Abarth Days 2019 event.


    During our journey, the club made itself officially affiliated with Abarth as part of the Scorpionship. We are constantly on the go looking to make the club better for our members and to Abarth as a brand. Please check out all of our social media channels and follow where you can.


    We’re just getting started.


    Follow the club staff on our individual Instagram accounts below.

    Ross Johnston

    Club President - Social, Events & All Club Affairs.

    Instagram: @RJABARTH

    Ben Au

    Deputy Club President - Personal Representative & Club Parts Liason

    Instagram: @ABARTH500GTO

    Neil Barron

    Deputy Club President - Tech/Mechanical Expert & Merchandise Coordinator

    Instagram: @ABARTHNEIL

    Matthew Misz & Danielle Etheridge

    Events & Club Media/Photography

    Instagram: @REDROCKET_595

    Gavin Mason

    Event Coordinator

    Instagram: @ABARTHGAV