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So it’s finally here.

After a number of weeks of making notes and ideas on how the club’s website would look. I had the chance of looking across all of the usual Abarth social channels to get some inspiration and to make it our own. This is just one of the many things the club staff have been working on in preparation of our new look ready for 2020.

Why would you need a website when there are already social media platforms at hand to use? – As we go into 2020, I wanted the club to be that more professional allowing us to have a central hub of all of the clubs interests at hand. A place where we can provide regular updates about what we are doing behind the scenes and also to provide a review of all of our future events. This will give potential new members a flavour of what we do and it may interest them attending. Further to this we can now incorporate all of our main club information using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc which means you’re only a click away from seeing everything related to Abarth Club North East.

Over time the website will be tweaked here and there to make it more user friendly. For now, the feedback from our members and the various Abarth Club’s has been brilliant so thank you for this.

Our staff group chat is constantly active on a daily basis putting forward fresh ideas and taking ownership of tasks to benefit everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication and hard work as we all steer towards another great year in our clubs history.


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