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Something different this week has us featuring one of the club staff. Volunteering herself for this weeks blog is Angie Kaczmarczyk. Today I caught up with her to give her low down of her history with Abarth, her role within the team and what she has planned next.

Let’s start at the beginning… What made you decide to go for the Abarth 595 Turismo?

It was an upgrade, a huge change up from the Fiat 500s... and because someone told me I didn’t need a new car, so I went and got a new car!

Did you think at the time of purchasing the car you would have been involved as much as you have been to date?

Absolutely not, I joined different owners clubs on a whim to see what it was all about and it’s definitely taken me on a journey so far. I’ve bonded closely to members and club staff alike and wouldn’t see myself without them!

For those who don’t know, can you tell everyone your role within the club staff...

I am your parking guru at shows! Well..obviously not just that but you will see me shouting a lot and dictating because someone hasn’t parked in the direction I wanted them too (stands have to look good you know!). I’m also the one (along with Kurtis but he takes the back seat) that will organise most of the events, convoy plans and other super activities on the calendar (along with Ross too, can’t forget to mention that!).

What’s been your personal highlights of owning the Abarth so far?

I know everyone says community but that’s exactly it. It doesn’t matter what background you are, what gender or where you live, because you drive an Abarth. The car that makes ordinary driving extraordinary and it’s always what makes running an owners club like Abarth Club North East worth it, to give back to the community, the owners in any way we can.

Which event stands out from the ones you have attended and why was it most memorable?

The event that stands out the most is always the show season opener, 70+ Abarth proudly displayed with us laughing and enjoying ourselves, welcoming the Year ahead - its not something you forget easily.

Not many people will know this… but you’re actually moving on from Abarth ownership to something else. What are you going for?

Aaaaa, yes, this little chestnut. I’m moving onto the Volvo XC40 T4 R-Design, but that won’t happen until the little baby beast goes - so I will be sticking around until then, and even past then, until Ross gets bored of me constantly annoying him and demotes me (but it might be a while for that)!

Lastly, we have had a lot of new official members signing up to our club membership for this year. What would you say to them for what they can expect to look forward to during show season?

Only a few words for that one... it’s going to be a big one, so clear your calendars, buckle up, fuel up and enjoy the ride! Oh and by the way 2021 will be bigger!

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