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Another week and another new blog to check out. This week, I caught up with Alexander Newell to have a catch up and see why the Abarth was right for him, his photography passion and what he’d buy if money wasn’t an issue.

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Hello Alex.. Tell me a bit more on why you thought the Abarth was right for you and what made you buy one?

Personally at the time I was looking for a car along the lines of an ST. Initially I thought the Abarth’s were a little tame. I went and test drove a MK8 ST and thought it was great but never got that "feeling" when I saw it and drove it. A friend bought a 595 Competizione and as soon as it pulled up I switched over to auto trader and found a 2016 595 Trofeo. A few clicks later and I ended up collecting the car that weekend.

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I note that you have a real passion for photography and a particular style. What made you go down this route?

My passion for photography started at Croft in 1999. I’m currently in the long process of restoring the images at the moment from this event. I was given a camera at a young age and managed to shoot it all on film. It’s a different aspect and I’m still shooting on film today. For me, it looks great on older classics but it’s nice to have something different in the locker, a bit like an Abarth it’s a little different to the run of the mill.

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Like many of our official club members you have the opportunity to save a lot of £ with our discount package. Although it’s still early days into the new year but have you managed to save anything so far?... or is there anything you think you’ll be needing during it?


The club discount scheme wasn’t my main reason to join the club. It was to go to the events, meets and share knowledge with likeminded people. However, now there’s an official scheme it’s even better! To date I’ve used BTG Performance in North Shields. The team there were brilliant looking after the servicing and also some warranty work carried out. In addition to this I’ve recently met James Boustead from JBS Detailing at a car meet a while back. Since speaking to him I’ve called into his unit in Newcastle and would rate his work as second to none. He even managed to sorted the rear brakes out spot on for me and I have no doubt I will be getting a valet package put together in the future, likely the back end of February.

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Lastly, money isn’t an option. Pick a daily, weekend and dream car… go.


Daily: E34 525TDS Estate

Weekend: Lancia Fulvia HF

Dream Car: Ferrari F355

Alexander has managed to save £ by being in our club membership and will no doubt save a lot more over the rest of the year. If you wish to be like him like many more of our members. Then check our Club Membership section on our website at and join us!

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