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What separates our club from your typical club stand is the individuality within the cars on show. You can continue to keep your car as stock from the factory or take it to a complete different level. By being different, this particular car has stood out at events for the right reasons picking up awards along the way. It may not have an Abarth badge on the front of it, nevertheless… it’s a car we are proud to have associated in the club within the Fiat family.

Today, I caught up with club member Gary Rutherford to give me a run down on what he has done with the Fiat 500S, his plans for 2020 and what he can offer the club with his custom work.

Hello Gary, so for those who don’t know, can you tell us a bit more about what you have done with the 500S so far?

My daughter Ashlyn (Team member at BTG Performance) chose the Fiat 500S because at the time she was only just turned 17 and would have loved the Abarth. But at that age insurance was way too high, so she decided to modify the 500S to her specification. We managed to put forward exterior modifications which included swapping both bumpers to Abarth spec. The rear spoiler changed, rear wiper delete, door/boot handle/front grill and badge carbon dipped, tinted DRL’s and rear led light clusters. The car is currently sitting on coilovers with 17 inch chrome black alloys. We upgraded the exhaust, and added a cold air intake. The interior has few carbon accents, alcantara roof with led lights and custom audio throughout. 

Is there plans to do anything else with it for 2020?

This year will see a massive change on the audio. The rear seats have been removed to make way for more audio to compete at a higher level. The car won its class in 2018 so we needed to up the game for this year. We are hoping to win again so we can compete in the European final. There will also be few cosmetic jobs to do just to bring it up to standard.

I see you’ve recently started to do your own custom work for members and also to the wider scene. What type of work can you offer to everyone?

So we’ve started Rutherford’s - Custom Built. The idea came about when we started looking at what was on the market for rear seat delete kits and other interior work. After getting good feedback from members, we decided to offer that custom touch that people can individually suit their own car. We also offer carbon fibre skinning and we will be releasing more services throughout 2020. If anyone within the club is thinking of having anything custom made to get in touch with us and we can see what we can do for you.

What are you looking forward to most within the club for 2020?

2020 is looking to be a busy year for the car especially with competing with the audio. There is also the events within the club calendar. Both me and Ashlyn really enjoy the events and the convoys are always fun. It’s a great place to catch up with everyone as we always have a laugh. Plus! there’s always a cake or two on the go which is fine by me.

What advice would you give for someone wanting to go to the next level with their audio upgrades?

As for Audio upgrades it really depends on the individual and what you are looking for. I have found talking to people that know about what works and what doesn't can save a lot of time and wasted money. My main go to place is Allwoods Audio for any advice you may need who will be on hand to give you the best option possible for your budget and car space.

If you have any queries and may be thinking of adding some custom work to your car. You can get in touch with both Gary and Ashlyn on Facebook (Rutherford’s - Custom Built) and Instragam @rutherfordscustombuilt

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