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For any potential new owner of an Abarth, you may just end up in the dealership having a look around and notice the Scorpion catching your eye. Not long after this you’re putting pen to paper and driving off putting smiles to the gallon.

This is just what Amelia did and today I caught up with her to ask how she has found the car since buying one earlier in the year including her plans for 2020.

Model: Abarth 595

Instagram: @ameliaroselenaghan

What made you decide the Abarth was right for you?

I’ll be honest, when I first got my abarth, I didn’t know much about them at all. After a couple of years of driving small cars, I knew I wanted something that was still on the small side but had more to offer performance wise. One of my close friends suggested looking at an Abarth (I’m disappointed to say that I didn’t even know what one was). The very same day I found one at a dealership, test drove it and bought it without any hesitation. The immediate smile on my face when I merged onto the dual carriageway and put my foot down was a picture and that’s when I knew!

You’ve been to some of the clubs events during 2019, which one has been your favourite so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed every event that I have attended but I would say Wynyard Hall was my favourite! I’m quite a shy person and think Wynyard was when I really got to know everyone which was lovely and the turn out from the club was amazing as per. It was also my first proper Abarth Club North East convoy which is now a highlight of my time in the club so far!

I’ve noticed you’ve gone down the custom route for the rear interior section of your Abarth. Could you tell us your reasons behind this?

I chose to go down the custom route after Gary and Ashlyn (Instagram: @RutherfordsCustomBuilt) had told me some of the different things they could do with the false floor if I removed the rear seats, I mean, no one fits in the back anyway so why not? I also love being different and doing little bits to stand out from the crowd and I knew that Gary would not disappoint. The false floor is my favourite part of my interior by far and I can’t wait to do more things to compliment it, it also comes in handy as a massive boot if needs be!

Have you got much planned for the Abarth for 2020?

I have some super exciting plans for the Abarth in 2020. It will definitely be getting lowered as I have constant reminders about my hideously large arch gap. I’m currently also on the hunt for some nice wheels but I’m struggling to decide between them all, then finally some performance modifications and a remap!

If you could change one thing about your Abarth, what would it be?

I’d probably want to have the carbon fibre sabelts over the standard 595 seats but I think that is just me being picky. Or maybe a 6th gear.

Lastly, what’s your dream car?

My dream car would be an Audi RS3, a lot of potential performance wise, beautiful to look at whilst still being practical.

Amelia has already signed up to the club membership giving her a lot of choice to save £ on modifications for next year. You can also be part of this if you haven’t already done so for £15.00 - For more information please speak to our club staff.

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