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The first of many club member blogs being posted to our website. Today we have Kimberley Davison to give us a quick run down about her and her Abarth!

Model: Abarth 500

Instagram: @ItsKimbo44

Why did you choose Abarth?

“The Abarth is my second car and Neil Barron/Darren Morgan heavily influenced my decision on getting one. After seeing both of theirs and witnessing their power I was hooked and adamant I needed to have one!”

How have you found the car so far?

“I absolutely love my car, I can’t deny the little annoying things (car handles coming loose etc) are abit of a pain, but it doesn’t matter when I drive it and get the enjoyment from it that I do!”

What are your future plans for it?

“At the minute nothing, just some serious TLC 😂. The start of the winter months is already a struggle to keep him clean!”

What have you enjoyed so far within the club?

“The club is so friendly! I had heard that car clubs were full of the stereotypical boy racers! mocking people’s cars if they aren’t up to the standard etc. Abarth Club North East is different, I was welcomed with open arms. I’m so pleased to be apart of it!”

If you could have the keys to your dream car, what would it be?

“Oooooo that’s a hard one, I actually really like the Skoda Octavia VRS Estates 🙈”

Be sure to follow Kimberley on Instagram for all future updates of her Abarth 🦂

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