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So we begin 2020 with the first member blog of the year. Looking forward to it a lot is one of our latest members to join the club.

Today I spoke to Garry Bowron and caught up with him to see why he made the change to the Abarth, his plans for the year and his thoughts on the club as a whole.

What made you decide the Abarth was right for you?

I think I decided on an Abarth after taking my mothers standard 500 to London and back one time. I’ve always liked smaller cars and had a VW Tiguan R line before this. Even though I like 4x4s, Iwanted another little pocket rocket. Having owned a Mini Cooper S (supercharged) and wasn’t a huge fan it. It left me to chose between the Abarth 595 Competizione or Fiesta ST. The Competizione won on looks and sound easily. I plan on turning it into a beast!

Have you done anything to the car yet or are you planning on keeping it stock?

So far I’ve added the usual wind deflectors and decided to take the Monza off and go with the twin exit Bombardone. I’ve also got the Forge Induction kit ready to go on as well as speaking to BTG Performance about getting the sports cat and intercooler etc to get her running aprox 230bhp. Hopefully this year I will also be getting the TD04 turbo so it can run above the 250bhp mark. Then it’s onto the outside and some wider arches with a crazy Turquoise and Purple mirror wrap. There is plenty going to be getting done so this is just the start .

How have you found the club so far since joining the membership?

The club has been great. They all help with all my queries and questions. I’ve found the members to be very friendly. I’ve also managed to save some money on a dent repair from WS Body & Paint Solutions courtesy of the club discounts within the paid membership. Overall so far has been a great experience.

What are your plans with it for 2020?

For 2020 I’m planning to blow all my spare money doing the above modifications! Also getting out to some of the club events during the show season.

Can you give me an interesting fact about yourself.

It’s probably not so much of an interesting fact about me but I once booked flights to Brazil whilst drunk after watching the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony. I only realised the next day and had to fly straight over! Long story short I ended up with a Brazilian girlfriend and ended up living in Rio de Janeiro!

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