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Continuing with our recent introduction to our club members. I caught up with Elliot Closs this week to find out more about his plans that he has for his Abarth, why it runs in the family and if he has superb taste within the confectionary world.

Model: Abarth 500

Instagram: @Closs_Abarth

Like many of our members, you have gone down the modifying route to make your Abarth more personal to you. What have you done to the car so far?

I have indeed! No brainier in my eyes really to make an already great car better. I started of first by fitting the Forge Motorsport carbon fibre induction after about 4 days of ownership. Then I fitted some H&R lowering springs accompanied by the all important coupe bump stops on the rear. I have also been messing on with different types of front splitters for a while but I’ve actually settled to not run one at all now. Followed by a Direnza back box delete and a Tuning Art UK 200 cell sports cat. Next it was time for some power so the car went to club sponsors BTG Performance for them to work their magic! Car was taken from 135bhp to 180bhp! Later on down the line I acquired a Bonalume BOV, Bride bucket seats and some spacers. That all been said, I’m just starting with the modifications on this little weapon. More to come...

You’ve been involved with the club for a while now attending many of the events. Which event(s) have you enjoyed so far?

My favourite event has probably been the JPC Motorsport Event held at Wynyard Hall. Was a great day out and all for a good cause too! Miss the monthly meets a Dalton Park just a shame about the circumstances regarding that!

I note Abarth runs in the family. So what convinced your Mam to follow in your footsteps and buy one?... also, how has she found the car since purchasing it?

Well it was my middle brother who was the first to have an Abarth in my family the Punto Grande to be more specific. Before I went “silly” with my car, my Mam had a little drive and she loved it, hooked instantly. So it didnt really take much persuasion from me and my brother to nudge her into getting one. Shoutout to Alexander’s for giving us a great deal too!

With 2020 fast approaching, what are your Abarth goals for next year and is there anything in particular you have planned for it?

Next year is going to be a big one for my car that’s if I can save up! I plan on completely gutting the interior, new wheels, coilovers! I’ve also got my eyes on a certain Assetto Corse spoiler and potentially a full roll cage. Track car inbound yo! Fingers crossed Santa brings me some goodies too just before the new year.

You signed up to the club membership (again, thank you for doing so) – What were your thoughts on it when it was introduced?

Instantly thought this was a great choice for the club and definitely a foot in the right direction! I strongly believe the group that represented us over in Italy a couple months back was a massive pivotal point for us as a whole. They taken inspiration from different clubs across Europe brought that back home and merged it into one, Abarth Club North East.

Lastly, you open a box of Celebrations. What’s your go to sweet?

Bounty, duuuuuuuuuh!

Elliot is already looking to 2020 with lots to look forward to. Be part of our journey and sign up to our club membership! 🦂

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