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Continuing on my virtual tour across the world. I now find myself back on home soil for the first time.

Heading down the long road to middle England where I got the chance to speak to Aleksandra Mazic and Abarth West Midlands.

Today, I find out more about her journey, the club and their best place to travel to with their members.

Hello Aleksandra, like every introduction, can you tell me more about yourself, your role in the club and what you’re currently driving.

Hello Ross, I’m Aleksandra Mazic and I’m the Club President of Abarth West Midlands. As of now, I currently drive a 2014 Abarth 595 Competizione.

What made you decide to start the club?

I didn’t actually start the club itself. I was handed the position by the original founder of the Abarth West Midlands Facebook group due to him stepping down (He ended up buying a Ford Fiesta). As he was leaving he noticed how much passion I had for the brand and thought I would be ideal for the job to take it over. I was more than happy to do so.

Are you running the club solely on your own or with other Abarth enthusiasts?

As of right now I have 3 other club admins that help me run it on a day to day basis. We have Mark, Nic and Morgan who all have their respective job roles keeping it going.

How long have you been going as a club?

We’ve been going just over 2 years now.

What’s been your favourite moment since being involved with it?

The one that stands out the most is probably getting involved with organising a 60 car static meet with Abarth Club East Midlands back in September 2019.

As for your Abarth, what have you done to it so far and are there any plans for the future?

So the modifications I’ve currently got on the Abarth are a Forge Induction kit, Forge recirculation Valve, Forge actuator, Air Tec intercooler, Supersprint Decat and Remap. It currently runs just under 200bhp. I may look at a bigger Turbo to get to 250 bhp towards the end of this year. I’ve also recently installed new speakers and a touchscreen system with navigation.

Has there been a moment in the clubs history that hasn’t gone so well?

There had been a few issues with another local club. However, they have now thankfully been resolved.

I note that we tend to see a lot of Abarth’s with their security issue being hit around the Midlands area what feels like on a regular basis. It’s obviously something none of us want to see. How are you all finding it within the area and how are you all tackling it?

It’s a topic that comes up a lot within our group discussion as we do seem to have more thefts than any other part of the UK. All members are regularly told about the importance of extra security even if it’s a steering lock or a full alarm system. We have Motoguard as a sponsor of the group that are on hand to talk to members and advise which system suits their needs.

Is there an event you’re looking forward to this year personally and also as a club?

It’ll be our Evo Triangle 2020 run (If we are out of lock down by then)

What made you decide to buy an Abarth?

My partner used to work for Abarth at a local dealership and would lend me his Abarth 595 Competizione.

Within your area, is there a particular venue that you’d call your home event where most attend?

The Evo Triangle tends to be our most popular within the club, It’s an early start from Wolverhampton then head to Wrexham to meet the rest of the members for a typical McDonalds breakfast. We then blast off to the Evo Triangle for a day enjoying the roads across the route. We like to finish off at Black Rock Sands for a BBQ and relax before heading home.

Do you have any particular goals for the club?

I’d say the main goal for us in 2020 is to become an official Abarth Club.

Lastly, what’s your dream car?

A MK 6 Golf R32 in blue of course!

Thank you again to Aleksandra for her time today to giving us an insight into Abarth West Midlands.

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