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Whether you’re buying an older model within the Abarth series or one fresh from the dealership. After a while once you get to hear what other members have done to their cars when they have gone down the route of modifying it. There is a way to give your Abarth that bit extra in horsepower and torque without having to break the bank.

Usually when you want to start buying parts and accessories. Companies tend to be at the very opposite end of the country for you to check out prior to purchasing in full. Luckily for us here in the North East, Bluespark Automotive sit right on our doorstep based in Houghton-Le-Spring. Sitting central between the A1/A19 into Sunderland. The team lead by Ed Fisher, provide a large variety of tuning performance kits suitable for a host of leading car brands on the road today.

I caught up with Ed to ask him more about what Bluespark Automotive do, what they can offer all Abarth owners and why you should want to give your Abarth that more extra power.

I remember back in 2015 when I purchased my first Abarth and one of the very first modifications I added was a Bluespark tuning kit. Since 2015 to now you’ve come a long way. What has changed since then and what have you managed to produce to the current market?

Since 2015 we have expanded our range significantly. We have developed our hardware and software massively and purchased a dyno. This is great for doing club dyno days, but more importantly helps us to refine our tunes very well for every model. We have also taken on several new staff members to help manage the demand.

Like many new or existing members they have the worry of with their car being in a warranty period that they can’t add this kit till the warranty period runs out. Is that the case?

If your car is within warranty, one of our units might be a really suitable mod. Because the tuning box modifies signals from the sensors live, there is no trace of it having been installed once removed. It does not reprogram the ECU, nor does the ECU see boost pressure readings higher than stock.

I note the business purchased an Abarth to test and work on their development to make the tuning kits even better. What made the business buy one?

Having our own Abarth has been helpful from lots of points of view, and will continue to be helpful for future development. We have been able to spend an awful lot of dyno time on it, as well as testing various other mods. The only limitation we have is in terms of time, we have big intentions for mods to this car, but just need some spare hours in the day to do it. We also get the bonus of having something interesting to drive as a staff car.

If an owner was looking to purchase a tuning kit from Bluespark, can you tell me what they get as part of the package?

You get the box, wiring loom, bypass plug, protective bag, installation manual, cable ties and a bumper sticker. You get free fitting at our workshop if you'd like, and as much customer service as you need to get the unit working the best for you and your car. We also offer a 28 day money back guarantee included with all of our boxes. If you aren't 100% happy, return it within 28 days for a full refund.

If anyone was unsure about going down the route of increasing the performance on their Abarth. What would say to any of our members the best reason for doing so?

These cars are great as standard, but with a little bit more performance, every model is able to be made just that little bit more special. We have a fair bit of info and a few dyno comparisons between the models here for those who are interested:

During June 2019, the club had its own Dyno Day held at the Bluespark HQ. You can view the video in full below.

Bluespark Automotive are one of our proud club sponsors that we have been in partnership now for a few years. As such, they are offering our members who have signed up to the club membership discount on their products. If you want to take advantage of this and many other businesses out there. You can do so for £15.00 for a year subscription.

If you would like to know more about Bluespark Automotive, you can check out their website at or call Ed on 0191 385 9005.

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