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Continuing on my virtual tour across the world. I now find myself heading into eastern Spain where I got the chance to speak to Club President of Abarth Club Levante, David Fernandez.

Today I get the chance to catch up with David to find out more from our Spanish Abarth friends to see what they are currently doing in their part of the world. I also find out more about their history and his own personal journey.

Hello David, so can you tell me more about yourself, your role within Abarth Club Levante and what Abarth you’re currently driving at the moment?

Hello Ross... 2 years ago I discovered the Abarth brand. The first time I saw one I thought, that car is so small, how can it have that sound, character and aggressiveness! I started to investigate and I went to see one. As soon as I seen it I loved it, but it was when I started it when I thought, this is my car. I bought that one and my 18-year-old brother also fell in love just like I did. I had no choice but to buy another hahaha! I currently have an Abarth 595 145 with all the extras of the Competizione.

Tell me more about the history of your club. How long have you been official for?...Do you run the club by yourself?

When I bought my second Abarth I discovered that there was a club in my community and I joined up. After some time had passed, on my own initiative I decided to speak with the oldest veterans and I proposed to take charge of running the club and legalizing it. They gave me their support and approval.

From here, I got down to work by registering the club and since then I am the Club President. We registered it in 2019 and it is true that I am the Club President, but the club is carried by each and every member. They make this club one of the most active in the world. We are a small community, but we gather 40/50 abarths in lunches or meals without having to be very organised. This I feel shows the great passion that unites us all and that's why we are a great club.

Since your involvement with the club. What has been your biggest challenge to date?

I’d say gathering 56 Abarth’s on the Albacete Circuit was quite an achievement. Even the owners of the circuit congratulated us personally, because in the history of the circuit, so many cars of the same brand had never been brought together. As of today (April 5th) we had planned to arrange a joint event with Abarth Club Levante and Abarth Club Madrid with more than 100 cars.

This was due to be reported on television in Spain. However, due to the current situation of the Covid-19 we have had to cancel everything and wait with more enthusiasm than ever to organise things and enjoy our passion again.

With the whole world currently going through a lockdown period at the moment due to Covid-19. I note that Spain has been hit with this on a large scale. How are you coping with this at the moment?

Due to Covid-19 everything has caught us by surprise with many events in the air. But we are a great group of people and we support each other a lot, we normally share passion and now we also share the desire to go out again and join again doing with what we like the most when that time arises.

When COVID-19 is over with, is there an event you’re hoping to attend during 2020 that you’re looking forward to the most?

When all this is over with, the important thing will be that we are all well and healthy. From here we will make up for lost time. The first thing we will organise is a club event that will be going out for a long weekend together.

We also aim to attend the Nurburgring in September and apart from our usual club events. We also have the circuits like Jarama in Madrid and also the circuit of Albacete for 2020. We will close the year with a Club Gala Dinner and summary of the year in full.

Is there a particular event that stands out that you love attending with the club?

The most beautiful events are when many of our members attend and we spend a day together. The important thing is that we can be the maximum amount of attendees as possible. As it is said in Spain, ‘it does not matter where, but with whom, and that it defines us to perfection’.

Do you join up with the other Abarth Clubs in Spain?

Currently there is ourselves and Abarth Club Madrid. We differentiate by name but we are 2 twinned clubs. We do almost all joint events, depending on where we are, we attend members of one club or another at events organized by any of the clubs, in mind we have power. There is also AbarthCat and Abarth Costa Del Sol too. We will work together to organize once a year a large event at a National level.

What have you done to your current Abarth modification wise?

As I was saying my Abarth is a 595 145bhp. I’ll have to summarise the list as it’s rather long! So I currently run Koni FSD shock absorbers, Novitec lowered springs, Exhaust from Monza Bombardone and currently Black tiger. Aluminum gear knob, 7” screen with Gps, Xenon LED lights, Competizione tyres, Sabelt seats and body color painted black emblems + levers, Brembo brake kit upgrade.

My knowledge about Valencia is very limited, I only really know about the football club. If someone from our club was to visit there for a holiday, could you tell me more about the area and what makes it so special?

I am originally from Madrid but I live in Valencia more specifically Gandia, from Valencia I could tell you that it is characterized by having one of the best climates in Spain. Since 80% of the year is sunny and that is very positive, not to mention the food from the Mediterranean! We have great beaches and coves to enjoy the time and summer as it deserves.

What do you enjoy most from running the club and what has been the best thing to date?

I’d say you have to like it a lot! You also need to have time, dedication and do everything without expecting anything in return. You also need plenty of passion too! And above all, having a great group of people who support you unconditionally and go with you for everything!

Lastly, what does Abarth mean to you?

For me Abarth means: Union, Passion, Happiness and it makes me feel like a child with a new toy ... I could say that Abarth means everything to me!

Again, a big thank you to David for taking the time to give us all an insight into his life and also Abarth Club Levante.

If you would like to check both David and the club, you can follow both them on Instagram below:



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