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After checking out a new part of the world in South America within our last Abarth Club Blog. This week I find myself heading to new territory based in the Middle East!

Today, I get the chance to speak to a relatively new Abarth Club in one of the most interesting and popular places in the world.

My guest today is Tamer Nabil from Abarth Club Dubai. I get to find out more about their up and coming club and their thoughts about Abarth in general.

Hello Tamer, thank you for taking the time to speak to the club today.

So can you tell me more about yourself, your role within Abarth Club Dubai and what Abarth you’re currently driving at the moment?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself & the club. I'm Tamer and I'm the Club President for Abarth Club Dubai. I currently drive the legendary Abarth 595 Competizione. 

As for the club, how long have you been going for?

We are a fairly new club. We have been going since the beginning of 2020 where we have developed the club, brainstormed new events & gatherings with our enthusiastic club members.

Tell me more about your Abarth. What have you done to it so far and are there any future plans for it?

My Abarth is currently without any modifications. However, my plan is definitely to invest more into performance kits.

I’m assuming being in Dubai you’ll have some interesting Abarth’s within your club. Do you have any particular models from owners that stand out?

YES! I'm proud to say that we have 2 members that own a Ritmo Abarth and an Autobianchia 112. They definitely take the eyes from our cars!

It’s common knowledge that Dubai is famous for its luxuries and amazing landscape. Could you summarise for those reading this where the best places are to go to within Dubai should anyone wish to visit?

Thank you, yes Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a lot of world record breaking destinations!

Dubai has a lot of fun activities to do and I would say you will never get bored of them! I can start with the sunshine, beaches, water sports and sky diving. You can also check out one of the biggest man made islands in the world! The Palm Jumeirah! But, if it gets too hot, you can cool off in the largest indoor ski resort in the world! If you have time, I can go on & on...  

What has been your favourite moment within the club to date? 

Every time hanging with the group is my favourite time!

Do you have anything special lined up during 2020 for the club?

A trip to the Abarth factory when things get better. 

What do you like most about the Abarth brand?

Its history! The legendary Carlo Abarth and how he established the brand and what he went through to create a car that is literally a pocket rocket. Also keeping in mind all the world champion races the brand won. Not forgetting all the joy that comes while driving this car.

As for your members, do they enjoy what you’re doing for the club?

Yes! We all can’t wait for the next event!

Have Abarth Club Dubai attended any big events?

Internationally not yet but it is on our bucket list!

Has there been a moment while you have been involved with the club that didn’t go so well and you have learned from it?

I would say every event we learn from and try to enhance it so we provide the best experience for our members.

Lastly, you have a garage with space for 3 Italian cars. Money isn’t an issue so pick me 3 you would love to have on show.

The Abarth 205 Vignale, Lamborghini Countach & the Ferrari Enzo.

Special thanks again to Tamer for giving us a better insight to Abarth Club Dubai.

If you would like to see what the club are up to. You can follow them on Instragram below:


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