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At this time of the year you struggle to find a day that isn’t going to rain. Despite the brave efforts of our members wanting to get their cars to that great standard for our events. Today was always going to be a battle.

Nevertheless, the majority had made the effort as always to showcase their cars at the special dealership event to attend at Alexanders Abarth in Teesside today.

On display were some classic models from the FCA brand from Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo. The brand new Fiat 500X Sport was available to have a look at too, which is well worth checking out if you get the chance.

Our members had the opportunity to have the chance to check out the dealership in full from all that was in stock there. Was brilliant to see the staff taking care of the hospitality side of things making sure everyone was well fed with the refreshments provided, always a winner!

For those who did attend got the chance to see our brand new club membership cards ready for next years package. Great feedback again on the back of this!

It was another chance to bring everyone up to speed what is going on the background so we were more than happy to share what we could as it’s all exciting times ahead for us and everyone connected.

We’d like to thank Alexanders Abarth again for their continued support and for putting on another fantastic event. We were informed that over 100 people made it through the doors today in support of the event. We’re looking forward to working closely together into 2020 and beyond.


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