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Over the course of time, most Abarth owners will start to make a list of a number of modifications. One of which has been on my to do list to get that bit more out of the car.

At the end of 2019, within our club staff chat room Andrew Hawes had decided he no longer wished to install the Bluespark Tuning Kit he had purchased for his 124 Spider. As such, he kindly asked within the team if anyone wanted to take it off his hands.

With the team deciding amongst each other, it eventually was decided for me to take ownership of the kit and have it reprogrammed to fit the 595 Trofeo model.

One of the options with the Bluespark Kits is that should you move on to a different model or car male altogether. You may be in a position to have it reprogrammed for a one off fee. I paid £60.00 for this but it’s worth asking the team if this is a set fee or depending on model of car you wish to reuse it against.

I opted to get booked in just after the Christmas period once Bluespark had reopened over the festive period. The business lead by Ed Fisher and the team have been more than accommodating for our club providing excellent advice and answering all questions we may have had.

The team got straight to it having the tuning kit fitted while I had the chance to catch up with the team over a coffee or two. Following this the Abarth was added to the Dyno to get the before and after reading.

I wouldn’t expect anything less but with Ed being the perfectionist, he ensured the kit was tuned perfectly to get the maximum quality and the best result possible for Trofeo model.

At stock level, the Trofeo is advertised as 160bhp. My gut feeling at the time was anything above 170bhp but not above 180bhp without any other supporting modifications.

The results were as follows:

154.4BHP @ 5311RPM / 222NMT @ 4476RPM - Stock

172.2BHP @ 5011RPM / 272NMT @ 3166RPM - With Bluespark Tuning Kit

An extra 18 horses and 50 torque which you could notice off the mark once I got the chance to give it the blast home.

Ed and the team were spot on from start to finish and I’d fully recommend anyone if they want to get that but extra out of their Abarth or any other car manufacturer to get in touch and check out a tuning kit.

You can watch highlights from the day below:

For our members who have our club membership package. You can save 20% from Bluespark Automotive on our discount list. If you haven’t already signed up to this. Drop us a message on our Contact Us section on our website.

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