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Following on from today's news (13/03/2020) that the majority of all major sporting events such as Football, Formula 1 and more have all taken the approach to suspend activities over a number of weeks due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

As far as our club related affairs go. We have an event at the end of March taking place at the Sunderland Air Museum on the 29th. For now, the spread from COVID-19 has been minimal in terms of impact in the area albeit the odd case popping up.

The club are for now taking the approach that until this epidemic gets worse within the area, we will be continuing as normal until told otherwise. We appreciate everyone has their own respected view on this and we wouldn't stand in your way if you feel you wish to isolate yourself and do what is necessary for your own wellbeing.

Depending on what you choose to believe in the media and more about the virus. Like all of our events, the decision to attend/not attend is down to you.

For those who have already paid towards the event on the 29th. You can request a refund immediately if you would like to cancel your attendance to it. Should the event be cancelled then all attendance fees received will be refunded in full to those who have purchased them.

The club will notify all through the usual social media channels of any changes regarding this news.

Ross - "My personal view on this is that it should go on as planned. The club members are free to do as they wish in how they would like to tackle the issue. If anyone would like to take care of themselves then so be it. As always, the club will look forward to seeing the members attending in their large numbers to our events during 2020 and beyond."

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