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Following on from the latest national information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are left with no choice but to postpone/cancel the following events within the club for the next few months.

March 29th 2020 - Sunderland Air Museum (Cancelled by Organiser)

April 26th 2020 - Boat Shack Drive Out (Cancelled by Club)

May 2nd 2020 - Supercar Showcase JPC (Cancelled by Organiser)

May 3rd 2020 - Newby Hall SCITP (This has been rescheduled to August 2nd 2020)

This isn’t something I was hoping would happen at all but with currently going through self isolation myself personally, among others. It wouldn’t be fair in any way to put anyone else at risk.

We are hoping that this will soon pass and we can get back to what we enjoy the most.

I will be personally contacting those who have made payments towards securing entry fees to said events and will provide options thereafter.

Thank you all for your cooperation during this difficult time.


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