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Rather than posting a number of messages that may get lost in the shuffle. I thought I’d be better off posting one in full breaking down an update that’s worth reading.

Club Merchandise

Clothing – Some of you may already be aware that we have ceased our partnership with Fuel Injected Co that previously provided us a platform to have an online store where anyone could purchase clothing online for the club. Following on news within Italy and a change in direction. We were in a position to add our very own club store on our website.

As for the clothing side of things, we will be going back to our original production of items being made locally. Our previous shirts and hoodies made featuring embroidery logos and the like went down brilliant last time they were made. Having received approval from Abarth themselves, we are currently awaiting an order of clothing for the club staff. Once received, we will be able to add them to the club store and begin taking orders from the club members.

With going back to this process, we will be taking orders with a cut-off date in mind. All payments received via the club store will be placed as pending till the cut-off date is reached. Once we pass this then we will send off the bulk order to have the items made. If you miss out on this then don’t worry, we will be making another order later in the year depending on if there is enough interest to do so.

Car Parts – Again, if you didn’t already know our fellow club admin Ben Au owns one of our proud club sponsors Tuning Art UK. Within the Tuning Art family is a partnership with Bonalume of Italy. These very high end products are some of the best on the market and we are now stocking some of the Bonalume items on our club website.

Some of these have already been purchased by the club members so you best be quick before they all sell out! If you would like any further information on any of the products available then please drop Ben a message in the first instance. Tuning Art UK also is in partnership with High Spark Ignition Coil Japan and OZ Racing Italy should you want to potentially purchase any products from those brands too.

Club Stickers – Between the week of 17th February to 24th February our club sticker orders will be placed on hold. You can still make your orders through we the website as normal, but with being made in house. Our resident merch merchant Neil Barron will be taking a week break and will pick up orders once he returns from holiday. I personally keep an eye on all orders coming in so if there is anything that will be on hold then I will message you to give you an update.

Club Membership – As per if anyone within the club who hasn’t signed up for this then the option is still available at £15.00 for 12 months (Working out £1.25 per month) – You will receive your welcome pack, access to a long list of discounts, more social media focus and getting more involved with the club with our group chat plus many more things to look forward to during 2020. If this is something that may interest you then please purchase this option on our club website. £1.00 of your membership is donated to club charity JPC Community Farm. All £ received is invested into what we do in order to make the club bigger and better. We thank everyone who has supported the club and we’re looking forward to making it a year to remember.

Club Events

Sunday March 15th 2020 – Santa Pod Raceway, Northampton

We have been invited by Abarth Club Hertfordshire to join them on a combined club stand at this event linked with our club sponsor MS Racing. There will be prizes to be won for the fastest Abarth on the day should you wish to get involved on the drag strip. This event is outside of our catchment area so if you want to get involved. Please see our Events tab on the facebook group for more info regarding ticketing etc.

Sunday March 29th 2020 – Sunderland Air Museum, Sunderland

Our next local event at the end of March features something new for the club. We will be attending the Sunderland Air Museum next to Nissan HQ for a great day out showcasing the history behind some vintage aircraft and more. There will be plenty of photo opportunities on the day to have your Abarth next to certain aircraft. Attendance is priced at £5.00 which will include the car, driver and passengers in the car attending on the day. To pay this please message me to do it… or if you have the clubs bank details to hand then please transfer the £ to it and drop me a message to be added to list of those going. Please note payments must be made prior to the event as we have to send this to the event organisers. Anyone attending on the day won’t be allowed into the facility.

Future Events – 2020

Please review the Events tab on the Facebook group and put yourself down as attending if you wish to come long to our club stand. Some events have TBC information pending and will be updated in due course. Tickets are available on some of the events too so please purchase these as soon as you can as some have cut off dates to be purchased by or prices may increase. I’d urge everyone to check the events section on the club website regularly for more being added as we aim to have 2020 stacked with a load of great things to look forward to with the club.

As always, if you have any questions about anything club related then please drop any of the club staff a message and we will do our best to answer your queries.

Ross Johnston

Club President - Abarth Club North East

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