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Hello all,

Been a while since the last update of what is currently going on within the club as a whole. We’ve recently had a large number of new owners join the group so in turn, thank you for joining us and like most I’m sure you’ll be at the club events very soon. Please see the Events section on here or on our website for what we have planned during 2021.

For those who are unaware, we decided during this year to postpone our official club membership due to the global issue surrounding Covid. We will review this towards the end of this year should we decide to put it in place for 2022. As a result, our club discount section is available to all in here to use to save some £ and support our local, national and worldwide sponsors.

If you have any questions then please use the search option on our Facebook group prior to posting to see if anything you’re after has been discussed previously to help find an answer. If not then feel free to ask any questions relating to your car, the group etc as normal.

It’s been great to see a number of people returning to local events etc. Feels like the buzz will be coming back soon where we can enjoy all of the shows!

Please continue to tag the club on Instagram with a chance to be featured. If you haven’t already done so, you can check out our club YouTube channel too showcasing the highlights of previous events we’ve been involved in.

See you all very soon.


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