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Hello all,

Bit of a long post this so bare with me as there hasn’t been an update in a while.

It was around this time last year the club staff were preparing the new club membership packs and everything that goes with it behind the scenes ready for a stacked 2020. I don’t obviously need to go into detail how the year actually ended up but nevertheless, we still managed to attend some great events where possible.

A few weeks back within the club membership, a questionnaire was put out for feedback by the members to see how they felt the year was, value for money, discounts and more. The overall feedback was excellent and a large number of those were more than happy given the year circumstances to continue into next year.

Following on from various discussions back and forth within the team we have felt that for 2021 it wouldn’t be the right thing to do to have it in place. Given that we’re going into a new year with a major ‘unknown’ on how it’ll turn out like. It didn’t sit right with us to go down this route for it knowing that many have been affected during the year regarding personal matters, employment etc. As such, the club membership for next year will be on hiatus and will be reviewed going into 2022 if things change for the better. This may come as a disappointment to those Abarth owners who have joined the club recently and were looking forward to it but with the bigger picture of an ongoing pandemic and being place in and out of a lockdown, it wouldn’t be fair to continue. This decision was a collective vote by the team.

So what happens next? ...

Well, at the forefront of our minds were fully aware that there have been a number of businesses locally, national and international that have had the rug pulled from underneath them during 2020. These businesses no matter how big or small have been there for us and Abarth owners alike when we need that new modification, security or even just to save a couple of quid. These businesses now need us more than ever within the car community to ensure that we still have a place to turn to if we need that something to make our cars even more special.

We have agreed that going forward that all Abarth owners within the club will be able to access the discount list on our club website. We have partnered up with some of the best out there and it has been great to hear that they wish to continue with us going into next year. So for those business owners who are within the group and beyond, thank you for doing so as it’s very much appreciated.

One last thing from me is that given how we’re nearly at the end of the year I very much doubt there will be any further club events from now until further notice which is a shame, but if things change for the better we will arrange something when we can. The 2021 events are starting to appear more now and they will be all added to the event section within the group and on our website. I hope that next year we can get back to full focus on what we enjoy the most and that’s the cars.

This year has been challenging enough for everyone and I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s the events and getting together what makes being part of a car club what we’re all here for.

Thanks for your time.


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