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It all started back at the Newby Hall event during May 2019. Following the madness of having over 90 Abarth’s attend the event itself, I was just coming to terms on how great it was to see such an amazing display.

While being caught up in the moment, fellow club admin Ben Au has shouted from afar to bring something to my attention. It was at this time I was introduced to Paul Connaughton and his son James along with other members of the team. That smile on James’s face being surrounded by all of the cars on the day knowing how excited he must have been pretty much summed up how we all feel when we go to events like this. I just didn’t know how much of an impact what was going to happen next would have on me personally and to the club as a whole.

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Ben had explained to me briefly what they were here for at the event and allowed for Paul to bring me up to speed. There was something special happening within Stokesley, North Yorkshire that would offer something amazing to families who may have a child, sibling or other who could have a disability where they require a level of care for a better life. Paul had explained to me that they were in development of a farm within that area which was going to change the landscape of looking after all of those families into the future. More on that later.

We had been toying with the idea of starting up a club membership during 2019 ready to go into the following year. Part of that discussion was to implement part of the joining fee to be donated towards a registered charity. After talking it over with the team it was a no brainer. We wanted to do our bit and give back to such a worthy cause knowing we could make a difference in some way.

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Following the event at Newby Hall, the club were invited to be part of a huge family fun event held at Wynyard Hall where the JPC Community Charity would hold a Supercar filled show packed with high end car brands on display. We were the only car club there for the occasion so to have that honour was a brilliant touch. Again, this made us more determined to go all in with the charity and see what we could do towards it.

We now reach 2020. As each new member had joined our club membership. £1 for everyone of those would set aside as a donation to our charity pot. The aim would be throughout the rest of the year to see how much we could raise towards it. We didn’t expect the amount it would come to, even more so what we were all going to experience not long into the year.

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As like everything else. COVID-19 had ruined plans for the majority of events across the world and this was no different. The plan of the back of 2019’s Wynyard Hall event was to host a full weekender at the venue where it would see it on a larger scale. Due to the outbreak putting a downer on this, the event was sadly cancelled due to safety requirements but all understandable given the circumstances. Still, when the time would be right, we ensured we would have something in place when it was safe enough to do so. The main event would be put back to 2021 so it’s another event we can’t wait to get involved with.

Following the ease of lockdown, and after getting the chance to check out the JPC Community Farm at the end of 2019. We got the chance to sample a Christmas menu at the Orangery restaurant on site. You can read more about it here on the following link:

It was that drive after this knowing how much of a success it would be to get our club members down for an event here to get the same chance we did on our tour of the facilities for those families in need.

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The journey from May 2019 to now has been incredible. Our club members and team arrived to a newly built designated area for our cars to park up together. In turn from our charity attendance fee, we received the option of a hot sandwich and beverage including a guaranteed raffle prize for all to enjoy.

This isn’t a sales pitch by any means, but I’m telling you. If there’s a place to visit for food alone. You absolutely MUST book into the Orangery restaurant there. The food is flawless, trust me. I’m sure our club members would back me up on this too.

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The guided tour of the facilities would see us have some new additions on site featuring an area where should members of the public find at that stage in life they have a feeling of loneliness due to age or other reasons. They will be able to come to the farm to help on a patch of land by getting involved with gardening and more. This in turn will help blossom new friendships and help those in need. This was just one of the amazing offers on site at the farm.

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We were then shown what our club donation pot had been put towards. At the back of the farm would have a secret garden which featured a number of brass plaques scattered around the winding path where children and their families can carry out an adventure quiz to rub on the plaques for a treasure trail. This was a special moment for the club knowing we were leaving a legacy behind knowing it will make some happy memories to those who get to use them when they visit.

As you’ll see from the video highlights, the sensory garden featuring a children’s play area and more just ticks every box you’d want at a place like this. There is also a petting area for animals where the public can visit too.

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The apartments on site cater for all families with the various potential disabilities and care required to get away from the day to day struggle. The JPC Community Farm offers so much that even the little things are taken care of which you may not even think about. They’re one step ahead in this regard to ensure everyone who visits here will always want to return.

The final part of our day would see us hand over the cheque donation to Paul and the charity totalling £634.55! An amazing effort by everyone connected with the club following the various donations across 2020. This year may have been a challenging one, but this for me has been the best thing we have been involved with during it. A fantastic day out with a charity close to our hearts and we can only imagine what the farm will look like once a lot more is put in place.

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A massive thank you to everyone at JPC Community Farm for looking after us on the day. A truly wonderful charity that we are honoured to support.

If you would like to know more about them then please check out the following links:



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