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Part of the club membership available to our members is the opportunity to save themselves some £ on various products from a whole host of businesses supporting us.

One company in particular who have been associated with us from the beginning are Just Car Care. The business lead by Aiden Oliver alongside Connor Greenwood have recently expanded by opening their new detailing unit to offer more to all car enthusiasts.

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The unit based in Hetton will offer a place for everyone to get a wide range of car cleaning packages available. From basic maintenance washes to the very high end quality to ensure your car comes away looking amazing. In addition to this they also have their own shop within the unit where you can stop by and top up your car cleaning products.

Today I booked myself in with the team to get a Sunday offer known as the Full Monty, which featured the following:

Exterior Safe Wash

Glass Cleaned Throughout

Spray Sealant Applied

Tyres and Trims Dressed

Interior Vacuum (Mini Valet)

Plastics cleaned and dressed

Glass Cleaned inside and out

Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed

Deodorising Spray for interior (Opted for Bubblegum)

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This package was priced at £35. You could opt for the following extras if required.

Upgrade to Glass Coating for just £15.

Upgrade to Wet Vac for just £10.

Upgrade to Pet Hair Removal for £15.

Please watch the following video for a showcase of what the team did for me.

Just Car Care are one of our proud sponsors. Club members can save themselves £ by having the option of discount within our Club Membership. You can save yourself on car cleaning products from them. For work on your car please get in touch with Aiden to discuss discount options across the package range. Just Car Care are fully accredited in house detailers and insured. Any questions please contact them at

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