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Video highlights from the event above.

I remember back in early 2020 having the discussion surrounding the multiple events we could add to our show season calendar. As always, we look to expand on the roster to add new venues who can accommodate the cars and club members to have another memorable day.

It was suggested to me to see if we could hold an event at the North East Land Sea & Air Museum (NELSAM). Having attended a mixed car event a number of years ago, I couldn’t believe I had forgot about it knowing they had held car events in the past and more so knowing it was right on our doorstep just off the A19 in Sunderland. Easy enough to get to! But more on that later.

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

The plan being after liaising with head of the organisation David Charles was to hold the event on 29th March 2020. Everything in place to what would no doubt be a great day out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Photo by Matthew Misz - @_1311_Photography

The dreaded COVID-19 hitting the nation right on the build-up this even would see no alternative to cancel it for the safety and wellbeing of our members and all involved. The correct decision no doubt while still fresh into the pandemic not knowing what we would all have to endure for the weeks thereafter.

Flash forward a number of months and keen to pick up from where we had left of would see the revised communication between myself and David to get the event in place. Sunday 19th July 2020 would see just under 30 Abarth’s from across the North East come along to this private event for the club. Initially the plan would have been for the general public to attend, but while lockdown is still going through its transitional period of easing off. The agreement was to keep it a private matter with strict guidelines in place for the members to abide by.

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

The care taken by the staff on the day in order to get everyone signed up, forms filled and more was a quick and smooth process allowing everyone to enter the venue and park up. As mentioned previously the directions to get to the event were relatively straight forward, nothing to do with the venue itself… I could have counted nearly double figures from our members driving straight past the main gates and having to do the drive of shame back knowing they went flying past the main entrance. All in fun though and I suppose it’s any excuse to hear those amazing exhaust notes no doubt!

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

The venue itself sits on the former RAF Usworth and Sunderland Airport site right next to the Nissan Headquarters. Showcasing its rich history featuring various aircraft and vehicles used during war periods. One of which in particular was the standout aircraft for all desperate to get those all-important photos. The Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber previously used during the Cold War. The first Vulcan of its kind to go into a private collection.

Photo by Matthew Misz - @_1311_Photography

The club members made the most of the day taking a tour around the facilities to get a chance to see a lot of transportation they wouldn’t usually come across. A must for anyone with an interest in taking a step back in time.

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

While the Vulcan itself is currently going through a restoration period. NELSAM were seeking public donations of circa £5,000.00 to help towards the cause. As a club we managed to raise £150.00 towards their goal. As always, we as club will look to help out any local businesses where we can and I’m sure we will return here in bigger numbers at a future date.

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

The weather was also onside for once finishing of a brilliant day out. I’d like to thank our members for coming along to this event in helping NELSAM towards their donation goal and we’ll no doubt be back again during 2021. Special thanks again to David and onsite staff who couldn’t have been more accommodating to us on the day. We feel even more grateful to be the first event back following the ease of lockdown.

Photo by Lee Hastings - @Beanage1

If you’d like to know more about NELSAM then please click the following link: – More information regarding the venue, opening times, prices etc are all on there to view.

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